Mamiya 6 System and Specifications


Mamiya 6 Specifications


Camera Type 6 x 6 cm format, interchangeable lens, rangefinder camera
Film Type 120 (12 exposures) or  220 (24 exposures) roll film
Actual Negative Size 56mm x 56mm
Lens Type Wide Angle 50mm f/4

Standard 75mm f/3.5

Telephoto 150mm f/4.5

Film Winding A single 185° stroke
Shutter #00 electronic leaf shutter; B, 4 to Vsoo second, electromagnetic release; X contact, synchronizing at all speeds with hot shoe and cord socket; electronic self timer
Exposure Control Aperture priority AE; Silicon Photo Diode receptor in viewfinder; metering range: EV 3.5 to EV 18 (75mm lens f/3.5, ISO 100); exposure compensation: +2 to -2EV (in ‘/:i EV increments)
Film Speed Range ISO 25-1600
Rangefinder Lens declination, double image superimposing system; base length: 60mm (effective base length 34.8mm)
Viewfinder Coupled with rangefinder; automatic bright line frame selection (50mm, 75mm, 150mm); parallax compensation; magnification: 0.58X; 83% of the field of view visible at infinity; built-in shutter speed and exposure display, safety interlock warning L.E.D.
Internal “Dark Slide” Curtain For interchangeable lens function
Safety Mechanisms 1. Double exposure prevention

2. Exposure prevention when internal dark slide engaged

3. Exposure prevention when lens mount is retracted

Power Supply Two 1.5V batteries (MS 76, SR44 or LR44)
Dimensions Camera Body: 6.1 “(155mm) length x 4.3″(109mm) height x 2.7″(69mm) depth – 2.1 “(54mm) depth when lens mount retracted Body with 75mm lens: 6.1 “(155mm) length x 4.3″(109mm) height x 4.2″(106mm) depth2.9″(75mm) depth when lens mount retracted
Weight Camera Body: 31.4 oz (890 g ) Body with 75mm lens: 40.2 oz (1,40g)



Mamiya 6 Lens Specifications


50mm f/4

75mm f/3.5

150mm f/4.5
Lens Construction 8 Elements

5 Groups

6 Elements

4 Groups

6 Elements

5 Groups

Angle of 75° 55° 30°
Minimum Distance 3.3′ (1m)  3.3′ (1m) 5.9′ (1.8)
35mm focal equivalent 28mm 41mm 82mm
Filter Size 58mm 58mm 67mm
Lenshood Bayonet Bayonet Screw-in
Demensions 2.14″ x 2.25″ (55 x 64mm) 1.5″ x 2.47″ (43 x 64mm) 3″ x 2.47″ (86 x 70mm
Weight 11.8 oz (335g) 8.8 oz (250g) 16.9 oz (480g)