Mamiya 6 Troubleshooting and User Manual

Special Features of the New Mamiya 6
Mamiya 6 Nomenclature and Functional Parts
Preparing your Mamiya 6 for use
Mounting/Removing Lenses on your Mamiya 6
How to Retract the Lens Mount on the Mamiya 6
Changing Batteries on the Mamiya 6
Opening/Closing Light Shield Curtain
Releasing the Shutter
Before Loading the Film
Loading the Film
Shutter Speed
Shutter Release Button
LED Indicators in the Viewfinder
Focusing the Lens
Taking Photographs
AE (AutomaticExposure) Photography
AE Lock (AEL) Photography
Manual Photography
Exposure Compensation
Time Exposures
Flash Photography
Infrared Photography
Emergency Winding-Stop Release Button
How to Hold the Camera

Mamiya 6 Lenses

50mm f/4

75mm f/3.5

150mm f/4.5
Lens Construction 8 Elements

5 Groups

6 Elements

4 Groups

6 Elements

5 Groups

Angle of 75° 55° 30°
Minimum Distance 3.3′ (1m)  3.3′ (1m) 5.9′ (1.8)
35mm focal equivalent 28mm 41mm 82mm
Filter Size 58mm 58mm 67mm
Lenshood Bayonet Bayonet Screw-in
Demensions 2.14″ x 2.25″ (55 x 64mm) 1.5″ x 2.47″ (43 x 64mm) 3″ x 2.47″ (86 x 70mm
Weight 11.8 oz (335g) 8.8 oz (250g) 16.9 oz (480g)


Depth-of-Field Tables

Mamiya 6 50mm Lens f/4 Depth of Field Table

Mamiya 6 75mm f/3.5 Depth of Field Table

Mamiya 6 150mm f/4.5 Depth of Field Table

Trouble Shooting
Camera Care
Camera Storage and Maintenance